2009年11月18日 星期三


Double the Happiness!! Christmas & Year End Clearance Sales starts NOW!

We love to share our happiness with you so we cut down the prices to celebrate Christmas and look forward to stock up more new items in 2010. Why don’t you guys help us out by clear our current buffet items in great prices haha^^!!

To buy in a discount price….simply check the price out in the item title. CONVO us before placing your order or PAID IN ADVANCE and we REFUND the difference through paypal to you!

The more you buy the bigger the discount it will be!! Just CONVO us to discuss! We love our customers to bargain with us too~ Love to assist you in any way!!

My little sis is going to move back to our old home soon and I think this will bring an even more great buffet!! Definitely more handmade and design is coming….also SUPPLIES SUPPLIES!! We can’t forget to collect more fun and interesting supplies for you!


2009年10月30日 星期五

we ♥ packing bags

do you like to do some handmade for your friend
or sending out some love to ppls?
a nice packing would be fun when ppls receive the gift

The cute paper bags are very light and easy to use!
As package, it definitely looks adorable!!

2009年10月28日 星期三

christmas printable set

Christmas is coming, buffet now selling some pdf letter set
in CHRISTMAS theme!!!

♥ you can always print and cut, DIY yourself
pattern paper are always usful for scrapbooking,
handmade greeting card making, gift wrap,
tags, labels, for your creation,

and you can print as many as you need,
for personal use only.

hopefully everyone start the christmas mood, :)
a time for love !!

♥ no shipping cost, save more to buy more :)

come to our shop to check this out
we also have another little pinky set ***

2009年10月22日 星期四

♥♥ ::::::::::::: buffet ::::::::::::: ♥♥

our new banner in shop now

our new picture
buffet sister ♥♥

yeah,,,,,one day i was so boring and
looking at our shop banner
i decided to make sth new to make it look refreshing,

30 mins later, i asked my sis take a look to the shop
and she love it soooo much.

i told her ,,, our cat is buying a heart from buffet
hahhahaa hopefully everyone feel happy when
they come in * and found something interesting!!!

hahahhaah cooking night

hahaha cooking :: i made this as title
as i am not a cooking people, i always try,
but usually it doesn't good at the end :P

but this time at least me and my boyfriend did
finish all, ((but he found that i didnt put salt on the salmon ))


2009年10月17日 星期六

afternoon tea :: 171009

how are you today?
seem i talked a lot our own stuff recently
but i did found some lovely thing everywhere,
ole is the one i recently love to see on flickr.
love the cozy picture from her,
she can just make the daily life become a beautiful picture.
go and see her flickr::::

2009年10月13日 星期二


yeah these are the buffet new items from this week,
the jelly bean beads, the apple beads, the letter set
& some kawaii baking liners... enjoy :)

2009年10月12日 星期一

annual dinner lol ♥♥


this is a post for me and my sis
after 1 year and a half, our shop
is getting bigger n more stable now.
which earn a little bit finally after 1 year fighting

so our CEO (thats mean us haha)
offer the buffet a little simple japanese dinner
to celebrate our happiness.

to anyone who see this post :::: ::: ♥♥

we are really really happy you read our blog or
visit our shop,
enjoy the buffet for any kind of cute thing from us
hope we can getting bigger and bigger
and offering many cutest thing to all of you :)

we love you and you and you ehhehehehehe

2009年10月9日 星期五


long time i was looking for inspiration boards,
and i saw this lovely board which i found is a great idea,
which i wanna share it here :)
it done by kimberlybrimhall, i think the idea was good
as you can remove the dates and put the new months on it
:) love it, read her profile and
i feel she must be a kind person

she also have a own website which you can go and take a look*

2009年10月7日 星期三

yummy salad + christmas banner

yummy i just eating a yummy salad while
i working the christmas banner for OLIVE,
hahaha this girl is so early to ask for the christmas banner
and we actually having so much fun while talking in etsy!!
i always feeling while i working she should be sleeping,
and finally we have some common time that she can catch my
msg and reply so fast hahahaa

can't wait to see her put the new banner on,
but i think she should at least wait until the Halloween? ♥♥

2009年10月6日 星期二

a day trip in water city @ HK

Hi hihi there :) how are you today????

yeah last week i have been to a water city in Hong kong,
it was a great day as i travel by ferry with my fds to this place
and we went to see the china national day firework,
it was soooooo good day, you know the day before was raining cat & dog
and people told me that every time hong kong doing the firework for china birthday,
it will turn to a good weather which i found is so amazing hahhaa

sorry if my photo are too big hahhaa

this is the chinese name for this place, sound like "TAI O"
cute isn't it?

weather are soo good recently !!! enjoy OCTOBER******

very good post for etsian

last week i read a post from found paper co. blog,
it is about the tips, tricks, and a little advice for some new shop in etsy,
which i found very useful and wanna share it in here,
usually i don't have energy to read all the words :P
but this time i do, hope everyone will like it too :::::::

on the other hand she have a beautiful
i read about it from ohhellofriend blog,
Here are some of her items::::

she is selling mostly vintage goods
i love the paper goods from her > w <

2009年10月5日 星期一

OCT free wallpaper from buffet


Here is the OCTOBER wallpaper,
you can download it from our flickr:::: 800 x 600 or 1280 x 1024

i really love the feeling that wake up in the
morning and feel a little cooler :)

the time before winter is just so great isn't it?

2009年10月1日 星期四

afternoon tea :: 011009

today is public holiday in Hong kong,
happy :)

picture from *mayxxx*

2009年9月30日 星期三

♥♥ pattern paper printable

i made this for my shop as i would like to share
the pattern that i made recently,
it could be great for scrapbooking or some card making,
i was thinking it can also become a gift wrap,
just enlarge the % then print on a bigger paper,
there are 12 pages 12" x 12" pattern paper in
high quality 300 dpi pdf (jpge if request)
with these colour, i feel i m so girlish today ♥♥

kawaii or not?
hope people will like it?

2009年9月29日 星期二

our handmade necklace ♥♥♥

summer is leaving,
there is finally some wind outside my window!!!!!!!
which i wait for a long time.

without the hot weather, i got some mood
to make some necklace for buffet


my collage :::

do you like scrapbooking?
recently i did some which i didnt do for a long long time

2009年9月27日 星期日

my second printable calendar

yes i know i havn't come to the blog over a week,
i have so much to write in fact,
but time so little, i was busy with some my design work
this time i would like sell a 16 months calendar with
some pastel colour graphic, 2010 should be happy year,
isn't it?
people can use it now!! all need to do is to print,
which i think it could be faster than waiting the postman
ship and send :P
come and check this out in my shop
comments are welcome :)

everyone have a nice day ♥♥♥

2009年9月17日 星期四

a little sweet shop i found

i just found this shop last week which i love it soo much
the clocks are all made by brenda rose, a mama from Portland Oregon,
all the lovely clock are made by soft plastic, cork, and acrylic paint
i feel it is so good to having one at home.
brenda also got a blog & flickr, good to see,
she got some other artwork which done by her.

2009年9月12日 星期六

little corner

may be need to move again, a bit pity,
so these day i keep taking picture in this house,
some little corner,
so i won't forget the moment in here ♥

2009年9月11日 星期五

free wallpaper for sept

i m trying more n more recently,
yesterday i was feeling so boring with my wallpaper,
as i done the second calendar design
i put some elements into a wallpaper,
which i m happy with it
i would like to share it with anyone who love it =)
just download it from my flickr page,
we got 2 size: 1280x1024 & 800x600

pls kindly leave me some comments if anyone like it?
i would like to keep doing this if people do like it

2009年9月10日 星期四

Walk with me :: my printable calendar design

finally finally,
i post out my first design calendar to the shop!!! :)
it is so excited to do this,
it kind like the feeling when i post my first banner in the shop b4 ::

well this time i started with some record of my journey,
i always like taking pictures when i arrive to a new place,
this reminds me every time when i see back the photos.
where i go and what was going on :)

go buffet shop to have a look with the whole year
i would like to hear comments from you n you n you :)

enjoy :::::

buffet on cuteable

Happy happy
buffet little cat charm was featured on Cuteable blog last week,
it was amazing, Thank Lynsey, you made my day.
actually cuteable got it own group in flickr,
check this out for more fun :::::: cuteable


2009年9月5日 星期六

afternoon tea ; 050909

found a beauitful flickr page and
wanna share with you and you and you


2009年9月4日 星期五

a man cooking *o*

♥♥ thanks my man,
make me a very full lunch box :)

2009年9月2日 星期三

♥♥ my little kawaii green baby

i just added a little little plant in my office
it make me so happy everyday
when i going to the office,
the first thing is to feed the plant XD
simple happy *

2009年9月1日 星期二

tamar shop @ etsy

you may already see this blog before, "nest decorating"
but i really love it, and wanna share it in here,
she got her own style to show her product,
as she was a creative directior and photo stylist,
also a product designer,
and it is totally a lovely eyes candy when you seeing
her flickr, shop & blog.

hope you will like it & may you found something to buy hehe =)

2009年8月30日 星期日

buffet banner

forgot to blog this before,

buffet changed banner :)
i was taking picture for the new items that
we found for buffet shop,
and i found this lovely foam stickers,
oh i love it soo much, just wanna keep it for myself hehe
then i take out "buffet etsy" and took this picture
and retouch a bit, hahahaha then it become my new banner
sometimes randomly can already make some good things out,

sorry my bad english hope everyone understand my meaning

simple can become sooooo pretty******

messyjesse + we are on jane.D blog

last weekend i found this shop owner comments on my blog,
i was happy and link to her blog & shop to take a look.
what a worderful seller, she have a beautiful shop with her
own handmade greeting cards with some cute patter and
buttons. Therefore, her blog is very colorful, if you are
looking for some cute card::::::::::
make sure you go check it out! =)

and u know that day while i reading jessy blog,
i link to another pretty blog "shegreetstheday"
and found someone blogged our banner,
i was surprise and sooooo happy with it, i always wordering
is there anyone reading buffettoday or
anyone love what we share in here?
but somehow i found we are not alone!!!

Thanks =) =)

from both big and little sis @ buffet

2009年8月29日 星期六

come n see the new*

visit buffet to see what we added to shop in this few weeks ;)

have a nice day!

idea & love ; kawaii inspiration boards idea

i was planning spend only 30 mins to look around flickr to get
some ideas about inspiration boards/wall, wanna make
something above my desk in this relax saturday,
but then finally i can't stop as there is sooo much kawaii
picture from everyone!!! i really love those colours and
hope you will like it too!!!! =)

see what i found from left to right, top to bottom
(click the link and see their flickr, all are very nice!!!!)

petit tous
joyful lova
tiny happy


2009年8月19日 星期三

2009年8月9日 星期日

colorful monday :)

always love these colors combination :::::

something found from etsy
from left to right, top to bottom

enjoy monday with my sleepy eyes in the office ="=

myvintagebackyard ::::::

my neighbor just reopen her vintage shop ^v^
so happy that she asked buffet to made her the banner

quick go and take a look!!! may you find something special :)
::: Fallo, thanks so much for putting us on yr OLIVE shop profile page,
this is sooo sweeeet ...BUFFET love u sooooo much!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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