2008年10月9日 星期四

many many =)

recently we made many little supply stuff for sell,
all are in very cheap price, is really good for handmade as
u may just need a little bit not buying too much,
a little bit of this and a little bit of that!!!! o^v^o

2008年9月11日 星期四


see below website: Day with my father

today afternoon when i having my toast in the office,
i was reading some blog that i always goes to,
and then i saw this website,
is a man call Phillip Toledano, who make a blog with his dad's story n photos
it was so touching me when i keep reading with the picture and history of this strong old man,
he is 98 now, but he has no short-term memory,
he cant even know his wife is dead already,
it is really upset that u re seeing the old ppls getting old day by day,
it is very brave for Phillip to recording everything,
the feeling must be very complicated when he doing the blog,

let me think of my dad n mom suddenly.

2008年9月9日 星期二

japanese lace decoration tape

last week i saw something really useful n cute n new!
may be it is not a new thing, but i never know i could put the lace pattern
on anything i want!???
we posted it n after 1 nite, the black one is already sold out,
i always loves the lace pattern, i think it is very awesome that
if we could decorate yr note book, your glass bottle, even yr photo frame!,
and it can be so unique~~~~!! o(>w<)o

for more detail:

oops, no more for the black one hahaa

my kawaii note pad* handmade by my sister o(*w*)o

my sister made some note which are so kawaii last week,
remember when i was still in school, we used to use the little note pad
to write some important things inside n put it in our school bag,
and usually it is buy from outside,
i didnt know in fact we can make some cute note pad,
and when u change a bit the fabric, it can be a totally different style,
like the sakura one n the japanese carton style is totally for 2 kind of ppls,

for more detail:

2008年8月29日 星期五

end of august

we didnt show up in here for a long time is bcoz we are all busy and
our grandma passed away this month
we were so upset and stop working almost the whole august ..
but life must go on, so after everything settle down,
buffet is back too,, recently i made a lot of stamps which is quite fun to do it,
some of them are very ugly, i know i know !! haha
but then after made few stamp, i started doing better,
and will post to buffet etsy shop soon, hope ppls will like it :)

2008年6月30日 星期一

happy to find what people want

It's really an amazing feeling...that you provide the items that people in some parts of the world would want and actually bought it......

this weekend me and my sis got this order from a buyer who want more of one of our item....so we just went to the store and got it for our lovely buyer^^....really we feel great even it's was pouring rain that day....

we hope to get more of this experience......SO HAPPY....ahhaha....

and we got lots more new item from that trip as well^^hehe

o btw....got some new listed




2008年6月6日 星期五

Don't miss the June clearance sales

Check out our June Clearance sales would u?

Best supplies for scrapbooking, sewing, embellishment for any crafting project.




n i m flu now
so dizzy
gotta take some sleep now!!!
nice weekend everyone!

can here just stop raining for a while,,,,,,,

a nice day with my neighbor

it is really amazing to be in the treasury west chosen by WOODYNOOK from etsy,

she is also the lovely friend that i just made recently in the froum as i was promo to make a free banner to a lucky etsian!! so in fact these day i was playing around with her new banner:

i really really hope she likes this banner as this is my job in etsy :P

i was hving fun on it !!! even while hong kong is raining for almost 1 week!!!!!!!!....

go n check this out: TheWoodyNook.etsy.com


2008年5月29日 星期四

banner shop opening soon

recenlty i hv been working on the banner design,
in fact i always got a lot idea in my mind,
but it do take a lot of time to work it out!
so far i feel it is quite nice and hope ppls will love it too,
and i am so enjoy to doing some nice thing that is useful for others,
just same as the buffet idea,

tonite we re goin' to post it onto etsy,
and we re thinking to find a lucky ETSIAN and i will make the FIRST banner in free to him/her,

please help yourself and enjoy the buffet!:)

2008年5月24日 星期六

There u go my MACAU trip!! part 2


The road signs in Macau are all styled like this...nice!!

This is the view from our hotel room....love it...the tower and the bridge..it's all there!!

This is the church at the top of the mountain...it's near our hotel...in fact there are many church in Macau...this is the one I love most.

See we were crossing that bridge we saw from our hotel window....

Yeah...I got the chance to see the olympic fire torch!!...it's shown in one of the casino...

venetian hotel....gondola....Venice...the whole place are built as the real place in Venice....that's a bit...artificial really....

One of the world heritage in Macau..they got a lot...the ruins of St. Paul's..it was once a church...

So..i guess..i will go for my 4th time in the future...i just missed their delicious food^^...

There u go my MACAU trip!! part 1

My 3rd time to Macau...it was always relaxing to go for a 2 days trip once in a while!! Been to most of the places...to eat...to relaxe and to gamble!!

Everytime we would take the turbo jet to Macau...u dont need to worry what kind of transport to take after u get there...no no...not these little cart pulled by man...there are many travel buses provided by different casino....

These are some special desserts...very famous in Macau!!

People queue up for traditional food provided in a chinese festival i think...not quite sure what kind of food was that...too crowded to get inside!!

Really love the street in Macau...got different kind of patterns on it....it's a very unique feature!!

2008年5月21日 星期三

creative with fantasy

This is Stina Persson is an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden.
i read on magazine this morning, i really like the watercolour style that she hv made,
also the cut paper one, is really attractive to me.

Sandra: ‘My work is very personal to me. I improvise and allow myself to loose control and see what happens if I do not think so much about practical things’. i think this is why people can do the nice things out, with the fantasy and creative,
This Swedish designer approaches fashion more like a sculptor than a tailor.
to see more: http://www.sandrabacklund.com/

*happy wednesday i m going to play blowing tonight, hope i can win :P

2008年5月20日 星期二

salad Day

great lunch with the salad that we just made
refreshing :)

2008年5月18日 星期日


Handmade Jewelry is coming********* :)

You know how great is the feeling when u saw sth sold faster than i know it listing out :P

2008年5月16日 星期五

May featured SHOP - ChildofHope

This month we have done a shop review for ChildofHope about her lovely unique dolls!!

Do visit this link for the review in weloveetsy:


Well made with Hearts!!!!

2008年5月15日 星期四

2008年5月13日 星期二

Back from Macau

Just got back from Macau...quite relaxing really....had buffet ^0^" fun to say that...played in casino...took photos....and came back Hong Kong with good news that we got 3 sales....that's really nice!!

Will post some of the Macau photo later on!!


2008年5月8日 星期四

new item this week - stickers

We got some new items coming up this week....sticker sticker....this week special - UNDERWEAR STICKER - bra, panties....such fun and special!!

2008年5月6日 星期二


Buffet is now on weloveetsy too!!

What do we do there...well...simply to share everything with etsy friends!!

We will do a feature for other etsians' shop once in 2 weeks aiming to let others to know how wide is the range of goodies they can find here....and just how gorgeous the goodies are!! Goodies with heart!!!

So if u would like to be featured please tell us....and we may choose u to be the next feature shops!!

2008年5月3日 星期六

Here's the link to our etsy shop

Click Click Click

Is it gonna be hard?

well...it's been two weeks and we've already got lots to do........
how to promote the shop?
what items to be sold?
how to create an unique handmade piece?
research research research?
in the meantime you also have to keep listing new items.....
how to work better with partners?

is there an easier way? the answer is no...u gotta go it to earn to!!

but we feel happy to do so...maybe we are enjoying it....

got a sale once in a while would be nice^^.....and we got our second fortunately...

back to work....


2008年4月30日 星期三

Here's our little business in etsy

Hi u all out there

Yes yes yes we did it!! Rhoda & I start this little shop in etsy http://www.buffet.etsy.com aiming to share what we like to others who may not be able to find those items locally. We want to share with the world!! Our prices are really amazing...

So first sale in a week...it's really an encouragement for us!! So next we must work harder to get a 2nd..3rd..and 4th sale. And lots of free gifts too!! Well another aim....to make more friends AROUND THE WORLD!! which we have already met some nice ppl in etsy!!

Let's me show you my favourite this week...and it's a good deal too!!

Let's shop with us!!


2008年4月29日 星期二

our first sale*

i believe that the very little tiny details are always improtant in daily life!

we did the photo shooting , we did the research, we did all the process,
but we didnt really have the real feeling that we re selling stuff by internet,
it is a very first time for me n pam.

This morning when i went to work, when i click on the shop as i do every morning,
"why it missing sth in the featured items?" .....omg it sold!!!
although is just 8 kawaii buttons, it do surprise us as i called my sis immediately,
and we scream like 2 little kids hahahaa...:P

we are very happy that ppls do like our stuff,
and u know sometimes the feeling of SHARE is better than u own it,
i m truly hope everything found sth nice from us, :P am i sound like got a award hahaa..
later we will add more items and i m going to make some handmade stuff to show my beloved etsy friend!!!

With Love,
Buffet - Rhoda
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